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We are part of the Cyprus Shipping Chamber (CSC)

We are officially part of the Cyprus Shipping Chamber, the trade association of the shipping industry in Cyprus and one of the largest national shipping associations in the world!

Having witnessed considerable growth since its establishment in January 1989, with originally seventeen Founding Members, the Chamber today comprises the major shipowning, shipmanagement and shipping related companies based in Cyprus. At the moment, CSC has more than 180 members who control 2,200 vessels in total.

The Chamber’s aim is to promote the interests of Cyprus shipping and to further the reputation of the Cyprus flag. It also, acts as a lobbying group for the promotion and safeguard of the legitimate interests of its Member-companies, at national and international level. On the local front, CSC co-operates very closely with the Government in all shipping related matters. CSC also operates as a roving ambassador of Cyprus Shipping abroad, through its membership and active participation in many international and regional shipping associations.

CSC is currently holding the Vice – Presidency position of the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) and is an active participant in the European Community Shipowners’ Associations (ECSA).

At Pelagic Partners we are excited for this new cooperation and we look forward to further enhance the Chamber’s efforts to navigate Cyprus worldwide.

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