New Pelagic Wind Fund kicks off with up to 6 CSOV newbuilding orders

As part of its third compartment under the name “Pelagic Wind Fund”, Pelagic Partners has secured a series of 2+2+2 newbuild orders for Commissioning Service Operation Vessels (‘CSOVs’) at Cochin Shipyard in India. The order has a value of over 350m Euro and the vessels are expected to be delivered in Q1 2025, as mentioned during the signing agreement that took place today in Cochin, India where executives from Pelagic Partners, Pelagic Wind Services and Cochin Shipyard launched the new partnership.

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Newly launched Global Maritime Fund (GMF) Championed by the International Maritime Industries and Managed by Pelagic Partners

International Maritime Industries (IMI), the largest shipyard in the MENA region, partnered with Pelagic Partners and championed GMF to offer innovative financing solutions to key customers and maritime companies around the world.  

Managed by Pelagic Partners, GMF aims to become the world’s largest maritime fund to provide innovative financing solutions that are globally competitive, scalable and fit for purpose, with a focus on ESG financing to support IMI’s key regional and international customers, and other companies operating in the Saudi maritime industry.

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Pelagic Partners declares dividend payout

On July 22 2022, Pelagic Partners declared a dividend payout of $5.29 per investment unit to the investors of Pelagic Fund I.

This is in line with the annual 5% dividend payout strategy in place by the management to ensure a consistent cash stream to our investors. Due to strong operational performance, investors also captured an increase in NAV, the fourth registered semi-annual increase since launching in July 2020.

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Pelagic Partners attended Posidonia 2022

Pelagic Partners’ team and associates attended Posidonia which took place in Athens the previous week. Our team took part in various high – profile conferences and discussion panels related to the industry’s current challenges and opportunities that lay ahead. A well – attended reception hosted by International Maritime Industries (IMI) to promote the new King Salman Global Maritime Industries Complex was the highlight of our experience, as the reception introduced the upcoming Global Maritime Fund, our venture with IMI.

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Pelagic Partners launches its second compartment

H.M. Pelagic Partners RAIF V.C.I.C PLC announces the launch of its second compartment, under the name Pelagic Yield Fund. This comes after the successful launch of its first compartment, Pelagic Fund I, in the third quarter of 2020 with a current fleet of 8 vessels and 4x the initial planned AUM. Pelagic Yield Fund, as the name signifies, is structured in a way that is cash yield friendly, mostly by fixing the vessels on medium to long term charters over the compartment’s 5-year life duration.

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Pelagic Partners supports The Ocean Cleanup

Pelagic Partners – as per the name – is built on the foundation of partnership, albeit with our commercial partners, technical partners, and now, charity partner. Pelagic Partners is proud to announce its first of many donations to our new charity partner, The Ocean Cleanup – the largest ocean cleanup project in history.

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